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What if You Had Unlimited Coaching and Support to Help You Confidently Realize Your Dreams & Goals?


If you're struggling with any of the following


  • You're committed to change, but somehow you have lost your determination.
  • Every time you make a commitment to improve your life, you seem to face a challenge or crisis.
  • You set goals, but are often tempted to give up on them.
  • You're pedaling slowly in life and you are not getting anywhere.
  • You want to achieve your goals and accomplish great things in life, but it seems to be taking me longer than you expected.
  • You have read numerous self-help books, but you still don't produce any positive results.


It's time to banish your doubts about your abilities and retrain your brain for personal success.


You're invited to participate in a coaching program that respects your needs and is committed to helping you take action and make positive changes.


From: Marie Magdala Roker
Subject: Successful Thinking Program™, an affordable and effective coaching program for women who want to sustain their success momentum instead of giving up.
Whether you're a stay at home mom, a work at home mom or the CEO of your company, if you want to create a successful life for yourself, you need to be engaged in a dynamic, encouraging environment that will help you live a happy, rewarding  and successful life.
Hi there!
Before you start reading about the Successful Thinking Program, let me ask you this question:

Are you ready to give up on your life goals because you are lacking motivation or lacking discipline?

As women, we are great at cheering on other people's wins and successes, but we often neglect our own dreams and goals. Perhaps you started with the drive and determination to improve your life and live a successful life, but somewhere along the lines, you became discouraged or you weren't motivated to continue with your personal development plan.  It's not easy to stick to a plan, but you increase the odds of reaching your desired goals when you are engaged in a positive, supportive environment that is conducive to your success.


Maybe, you're still waiting to "get there"? That place in life when you feel that you are fulfilled and complete. The truth is it takes dedication, determination, and support to work on "getting there". But how can you stay on the path to "getting there", when you feel overwhelmed and disappointed.  That's where I can help.


My name is Marie Magdala Roker and maybe you haven't heard of me yet, but as a Personal Development Life Coach, I have helped dozens of clients make breakthroughs in their lives.

I am not promising you a 30 day cure to a life long habit, just a gentle, but firm nudge to help you take the necessary action to a successful life. I have been where you are now. I've felt the overwhelm and frustration from not being where I wanted to be in my life. I won't lie to you, it wasn't easy to change my unhealthy habits and attitude about life or to stay focused on my goals.


My life changed drastically when my husband was deployed to Iraq.


Everything that could go wrong went wrong. In that same year, I lost my job, got sick and became discouraged. I knew that I couldn't give up because my husband and my son depended on me.  I made the decision to take ownership of my dreams and goals and to put the time and effort into changing my life.


The Successful Thinking Program™ is based on my personal journey to a successful life and my professional experience working with clients who were struggling with achieving personal and professional success. The truth is the only way to live a successful life, is to put together an action plan will motivate you to make these changes in your life.


Why is the Successful Thinking Program™ different?

There is a wealth of information on the internet about success. Each of these great products and services promise to do something that will completely change your life. The Successful Thinking Program™ is designed to help you maintain the changed behavior you want to adopt and increase the probability of your long-term change.


You're probably thinking "Yeah, I've heard it all before. Eliminate fears, overcome doubts, think positive, blah, blah, blah."  You don't always implement the suggested tools in self help books because it is much easier to fall back into old comfortable habits and thoughts, rather than to take action and improve your life. The Successful Thinking Program is not meant to replace your current coaching or motivational resources, but to keep your "success thinking momentum" going.



As someone who has always believed in the importance of thinking like a successful person in order to become successful, I was looking forward to reading Marie's book. She didn't disappoint! Her straightforward, no nonsense approach is refreshing, as are the thought-provoking questions designed to get you out of thinking and into action. This is one that you will read and quickly be able to implement in your life!

- Carrie Lauth



What can The Successful Thinking Program™  do for you?  It will help you:


Help You Stay Committed to Achieving Your Goals


Let Go of What You're Tolerating in Your Life


"Deprogram" Yourself From Failure


Take Consistent Action In your Goals


Challenge  Self Defeating Behaviors


 Stop Questioning Your Abilities


Be More Proactive



Here's What's Included in the Program:



Ebook-Successful Thinking for a Successful Life: How to Banish the Thoughts and Habits that Limit Your Success

This ebook highlights the most common thoughts and habits that contribute to failure. Ebook also includes introspective questions following each chapter.


“I found this e-book very helpful through its use of simple questions to get me thinking of the day-to-day changes I can make to start leading a more successful & happy life. It presents the difficulties we all face and the small steps to overcome them. The workbook style is useful to get you started right now

and not next week or month.

Well done!”

- Andrew Murray, founder of


10 Part Successful Thinking E-Course-Every 7 days, you receive powerful lessons that give you better success results. Lessons include Maintaining Your Composure, A Healthy Mind, A Healthy Body, How to Be Fearless. Also included with each lesson are effective tools and assessments.


15 Weeks of Success Affirmations-Insightful and powerful statements that keep you in "success mode" all week. You receive a "success thought" once a week for 15 weeks. Success Thought #6: My faith points me in the right direction."


Coach On Call- Unlimited Support, Encouragement and Coaching-You wont' be left stranded when you feel doubt and worry creeping in.  If you need to some direction or help with a situation,  you can call or email me.  Encouragement and support to help you from relapsing into old unhealthy habits.


And there's more:


Freebie # 1: Catch Your Dream: And Live It! by Allyn Evans of Queen


Freebie #2: The Secret of Success by Walter Atkinson


Freebie #3: When You Walk on Water, Take the Boat by John Harricharan


The information you will gain from this program is priceless.

You have nothing to lose, except unhealthy habits and thoughts, and the lack of discipline to achieve your goals.


Here's what others have to say:



Combined with great coaching, this book is a wonderful tool for helping to focus on the reasons why we limit our own success! I would recommend this package to anyone who is looking for answers and personal growth.

- Nadine Finigan




This is fantastic! As a coach and mentor, I applaud you. Not only do you outline and fully explain all  those inner workings that are roadblocks, but you also give concise and real solutions that anyone can use to achieve success both personally and professionally.

The great resource references and thought-provoking exercises you include make it extremely comprehensive and this is definitely a great addition to any coach's arsenal to assist them in their efforts to help their clients overcome these barriers. Anyone who uses this can't help but become more aware, well-balanced and really ready for the success that we all deserve in our daily lives and as entrepreneurs. Well done!- Terri James




I am offering all these great goodies to you for an introductory discount price of

$69.95. This is a 1-TIME FEE! You pay this only once, not monthly.


Why am I making this so affordable?


Because I created the Successful Thinking Program™ for the average person who want support and encouragement to maintain their goals. Everyone deserves to live a successful life, you shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars for it!


It's time to make implement the positive changes in your life you have read or learned about in self help books or motivational programs.


Simple, Affordable, and Effective


An unbeatable value that helps you produce extraordinary results. The more you realize just how valuable this program could be to your life, the less you will delay experiencing all the benefits it has to offer. As with my coaching partnerships with my clients, I am here to help you take action and get the success you want and deserve.


By clicking on the link below, you will have immediate access to the Successful Thinking Program.


If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I want you to be absolutely satisfied with the results you will achieve from the Successful Thinking Program.


I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you risk and lose nothing!


There is no need to wait. You have INSTANT ACCESS!




Don't give up on your personal or professional goals! Help is just one click away.

 Marie Magdala Roker


PS. The Successful Thinking Program is designed to help you turn your motivation into real action. If you are still unsure, please contact me  or call me toll free at 1-888-60-SMART(6278) and I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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